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Indian Messageis a leading Bulk SMS service provider, delivering to all networks in India. Indian Message incorporated in the year 2008 by IDOL OF INDIA, has its headquarters in Lucknow (India). We provide Bulk SMS in a personalized and customized form, having direct connectivity with telecom operators.

Indian message is the leading global aggregator providing the connectivity and infrastructure, and facilitating payment and digital content delivery, to enable businesses to take advantage of mobile technology. Indian message helps hundreds of companies to implement mobile services around the world, including national broadcasters, government agencies, major brands and entrepreneurial ventures


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Design templateIndian Message Advertising enables the ads to be specific and target oriented.

Indian Message Segmentation

Is based on product interests,location and demographics like age,gender,salary,occupation.

Indian Message Vision

 Joomlart ForumIndian Message empowers advertisers to run highly targeted ad campaigns through SMS