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You can start your own branded SMS reseller website like Indainmessage under your brand name.


1) Tailor-made website (No programming knowledge required).

2) Branding (Your Brand Name, Logo, and Contact Number).

3) Provide API access to users through your website.

You get your own feature rich branded SMS website with admin access which allows you to manage your users, create sender IDís, add SMS credits to your users & many more.

Terms & Conditions:

1. 12.36% Service Tax for any pack of SMSes.

2. Credits will be carried forward if a recharge is done within validity period.

3. Lifetime Validity Condition, You have to recharge your account in every 6 months.


Domain Settings

1.    What is the url which I need to point at?
 Answer: You need to point your site to the url, indianmessage.co.in

2.    What domain should I be pointed?
 Answer: You can point your primary domain (http://www.example.com) or sub-domain, (http://sms.example.com) to our url.

3.    How to point my Site to your IP?
 Answer: If you have cpanel access, then logon to your DNS section, Type your primary domain or sub-domain and Point youíre a or 
 c Records to our url, if you do not know how to do this, then please contact your host for the same.



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